Monday, September 17, 2012

Baby Alive Doll

I promised to our daughter to buy her a toy. Then, Saturday came and we were in Walmart. We went to the toy section. She was checking on the dollies. I saw the Baby Alive and thought it was place on the row where it has the price of $20.00. I knew it is expensive but what I had in my mind was maybe they had it on sale. My husband came and I told him about my doubts. 

He was looking and found the rest of the Baby Alive dolls with the price of $44 something dollars. It was too expensive though our daughter likes it because she will gets to pretend like a real mama. I was happy that she was fine when I told her to buy it on Christmas. But still, she got a different toy. Did not came home empty handed:)

Product Information:

For real mommy moments, MY BABY ALIVE gives girls the experience of taking care of their very own baby. She says more than 30 phrases, including “I love you Mommy!” When she says, “I’m hungry,” your little girl will know it’s time to mix up a bowl of her special doll food and spoon-feed her. After she drinks a bottle of water to wash it all down, it’s time for a new diaper! She’ll even let your little girl know when she’s sleepy, and close her eyes when she goes down for a nap. Just sit her upright and she’ll open her eyes to play all over again!
Doll comes with dress, bib, bowl, spoon, bottle, 2 diapers, 2 doll food packets and instructions.
Includes 2 “AA” batteries.
Ages 3 and up.