Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How To REALLY Add Personality To Your Living Room

When it comes to decorating our home, we are always told to add some personality to it, make it yours - but how do we actually do that? Some of us may not have the interior design gene you know...
There are so many different rooms to think about, with the main focal point being in your living room. That's the place where people come in, sit down and look around, so how do we make it perfect? How can we be proud of it and want to invite guests round just to show it off?
Here's a list of all the tips and tricks out there to make your living room look like a masterpiece and reflect your personality to the T. 

Throw some color around
Don't be afraid to add some color to the room, no matter what you have in mind. What better way to show off your true colors? Remember it doesn't just have to be one either, you can go with multiple shades and make a stripey pattern, or spots, and just pure randomness. A great technique is to get yourself some masking tape and section of a wall into pieces, almost as if you're drawing some sort of mosaic but with tape. You can go as big or as small as you want with the sections, the more random, the better.

Then pick a few different colored paints, and paint the areas that aren't covered by the tape. Once that's completely dry, gently peel away all the tape, and you will be left with a very funky design on the wall. It'll draw the eye in and definitely create something to talk about.

Hang up some artwork
Artwork is a brilliant fix if your imagination is lacking. When you mention art to someone though, they instantly wince and think it's going to cost them a lot - but that is so not the case. You can get many affordable pieces online, that may look very expensive, but in fact only cost you ten dollars!
There are so many different styles to choose from too, from modern and contemporary, to vintage and abstract.
The placement is very important when choosing what you want, as it seems to change the shape and size of a room. For example, if you choose a relatively large painting, but put it just above your eye level, it will give the impression that you're quite small, and your walls are very high (even if they're not at all!)

Experiment with light fixtures
Who knew how different a room could look just by the lighting chosen? It can either make or break a room. If you don't know what you're doing, then you can end up making a room look a lot smaller than it actually is. So yes, you can absolutely create the illusion of a bigger room too.

First, you need to figure out what you want the feel of the room to be. Are you going for a snug, cozy, warm vibe, or do you prefer more of a modern, bright, crispy environment? If you like the first idea better, then lamps are a great feature to add to the room, and not just one either, but multiple and all different heights.

If you want the modern feel, then ceiling lights are definitely the way to go.
And don't forget, whatever atmosphere you do decide on, bulbs come in all different colors, so don't think you just have to stick to clear or warm white.

Design a photo wall
Photo walls are not only appealing to the eye, but they are so precious. If you want personality, then photos of you and your loved ones is a great place to start. First, have a look through your albums, or if you're too far into the future for that, scroll through your phone and pick out all your favorite images. Then just go and get them printed out et voila - you're now holding real photographs!

Now comes the fun part, designing a cool way of putting them on your wall. You could just go basic and stick them all on randomly, or you could invest in some pretty frames and do it that way!
A beautiful final touch that you can add if you feel there's something missing are fairy lights. These are such a magical item and can be used wherever you want throughout your house, but they work particularly well for the photo wall (especially in the evening!)

Incorporate unique furniture pieces
Have a look around online; you will be amazed at the things out there. Like spiral bookshelves that wind your books along the walls, or strangely made coffee tables that shouldn't balance but they do! Or if you're thinking about creating a really chilled out layout, then why not grab yourself an enormous fombag to zen out on? These are pretty much different sized bags full of foam that you can sit on, lie on, or just use as a foot rest, so head to Fombag for more information.

Invite nature into your home
Who said nature was only for outdoors? Bring it in and welcome it with open arms! It will add such an exotic feel to your living room. Just one plant in an earthy styled pot could take your room to another level. If you do really have a love for nature, then don't stop with just one plant, as long as you have the room and enough natural light getting in, you could fill all your empty shelf space with mini bonsais. These are so cute, but add such a twist that will get people asking you if you travel, or do yoga!

Dress up your windows
Windows tend to get overlooked, but they shouldn't! They’re just as much of a feature than your sofa or coffee table. These are what give you light, and you should care for them, so take off those grubby old curtains, and dress them in a way that accentuates them instead of hides them. If you painted one wall a crazy color, use that same shade for curtains. Or pick out some lovely wooden blinds to match your nature vibe.
Whatever you choose, you don't want to obstruct the windows; otherwise there would be no point in having them there. And remember - make sure the glass is clean!

Accessories don't have to be seen as clutter if you know where to put them. If you have a very bare sofa that looks quite miserable, then get some cushions to decorate it with. Now, this doesn't mean covering the whole thing, but depending on its size, one or two could bring it to life, especially if you go for a contrast in color. The same kind of thing goes for your floor, add a rug that pops, but also brings everything together in a very random way.

Candles, on the other hand, can make everything feel sexier! So if you enjoy watching a flickering flame, then you should definitely invest in some. You can even buy scented ones if the visual isn't enough for you. Just remember to keep them away from any curtains of flammable objects!!

Work your hobbies into your decor
If you're a lover of gardening, then it's pretty obvious what you would do - you'd bring in the nature feel into the room (like what we previously went over.) Add colorful wild flowers to the room and position them on the table perfectly in view of the sun. Or if you're a sporty person, hang up some memorabilia that you may have, or even the baseball bat itself (if that's what you're into). That could look pretty damn cool above your fireplace.

If you are a dancer, or once were, don't be embarrassed about showing off your medals and trophies - they are a part of you! There are many beautiful cabinets out there that would be perfect to put your things inside, keeping them visible, but safe.

Get yourself a mirror or two
These are not only very handy to have in almost any room so you can check yourself out and make sure you’re looking on point, but they work wonders for the area too! Mirrors have so many hidden talents that people don't know about. Besides making a room look double the size, they can draw in more light if put in the right place. So if you have a room that always seems to be in the shade, place a mirror in the area where the most sun shines through. By doing this, the mirror will reflect off as much of the sunlight as possible, without bumping up the price of your electricity bill.

So as you can see, there are a whole bunch of different ways that you can add your own personality into a room; you shouldn't be stuck for thought anymore. - Get writing down ideas and creating lists of the items you need - then go do your thing.

First Day Of Summer

First Day Of Summer: It is finally here, the first day of summer where my girl can stay all day long 24/7 and do whats he wants. :) Yesterday, was the last day of school where students had to stayed for half a day. What a waste of time. 

I was glad that my husband picked up our girl upon her request. She only stayed for a few hours and went home.

What's funny was, she woke up early this morning. I told her to stay in bed and sleep in since no school, it's officially summer! LOL!

On the other hand, I am happy because I don't have to worry getting up too early since she is off from school. But still, I have to go to work. :( 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Surprise Pregnancy 101

In a perfect world, we always know what to expect. We are able to make decisions, plan for the future, and then everything happens the exact way that we planned it.  
But sometimes? Life doesn’t quite work out that way.

Perhaps the biggest - happiest - surprise that any woman can go through is the surprise pregnancy. It’s not what you were planning at this point in your life, but nothing stops you from feeling that rush of delight. Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, there’s nothing to make your life change for the better like discovering that you’re pregnant.

With all of the delights of a surprise pregnancy, there’s a few concerns there too. This isn’t something you planned; while you wouldn’t change it for the world, you also have a bit of catching up to do. Some of that is mental; you and your partner need to rethink the next year or so of your life to make the adjustment to impending parenthood. That might mean postponing plans or doing things differently from how you had originally intended them to be. Sacrifices being made for all the right reasons, but still nevertheless sacrifices.

The joy of impending parenthood might be enough to pull you through those concerns, though. The one thing that the anticipation of a bundle of joy can’t control is your reaction to your utter lack of preparedness. When couples try for a baby, they tend to have all their ideas, plans, and - crucially - their finances in hand for when the pregnancy test gives them good news. Without that planning, you can suddenly feel like you’ve got a huge amount of catching up to do - and you might be doing it while experiencing the first flutters of morning sickness, too. Talk about rough timing.

So, given that you’ve a baby on the way and there’s some catching up to do, what’s the quickest way to get up to speed? Perhaps the best method of coping with an unexpected pregnancy is to quickly run through a few questions with yourself. By finding out if you can or can’t answer these, you’ll quickly discover the areas where you need to catch up, and the ones you already have covered. So without further ado…

What Are Your Maternity Benefits Like? 
If you work, then clarifying the situation with your employment contract should be first on the list. This will be easier if you have already had a baby while working for the same company as you currently do, but can be tougher to navigate if you’re a first time parent.

Tip: Don’t let your boss find out you’re expecting through office gossip or by being told in a general announcement. Always take a moment to go and tell them privately, not least so they can then run through the benefits with you and answer your “what happens next” questions. This is also worth doing if your pregnancy is very young; you’re unlikely to feel comfortable making a big general announcement before the 12-week mark.

Do You Have Enough Room? 
If you live in a family-sized home already, then you can probably cope. If, however, you and your significant other have been living in a one-bedroom apartment, you might have a problem.

If you found out about the pregnancy early enough, then don’t panic: you still have enough time to ensure everything is in place by the time labor comes around. There’s obviously a financial aspect to consider here; this is an area you need to investigate too. The pressing concern, however, is for where you’re going to live.

For the sake of your health so you don’t have to worry, it’s useful to consider unsecured loans and other methods of quick funding that can help you move into a more suitable property. If you have found out about the pregnancy really early, there’s time for you to look for a new place to buy and use the extra cash to help with moving costs. If you rent, then you’re going to need money for a new deposit. Either way, ensuring you have some extra cash on hand can really help to lighten the stress load.

Tip: If this is your first pregnancy and you live in a small apartment, then why not consider co-sleeping rather than rushing to move as soon as possible? There are benefits to sharing a room with your baby, so it’s definitely worth thinking about if you don’t want to go through the whole upheaval of a sudden move while you’re expecting.

You should consider the rest of your financial strategy, also. Try and couple this with the discussion on maternity leave above, but it’s good to have a decent grip on the overall facts and figures when you have the housing question resolved.

What Is Your Health Insurance Coverage? 
As you probably know, health insurance varies so much it’s almost impossible to guess anything that unites two policies. So you know exactly what to expect, a good run through of your coverage is an essential part of being ready for baby.

If you find your health coverage is wanting, then you do have the problem that you are already pregnant - any new policy that you take out is not going to cover the pregnancy. Don’t be tempted to fib about the conception date, either - that’s fraud and could lead to jail time if you’re found out.

Tip: Talk to clinics and hospitals close to you if your coverage isn’t idal. They might be able to offer pre-payment plans that you can begin to contribute to immediately, so you don’t have to worry about racking up debt after you have given birth.

Do You Know What You Need To Do? 
There is always the risk of an absence of knowledge when it comes to pregnancy, especially one that’s not been planned. For first time mothers, there’s a lot to learn, so you need to start cramming!

Even if you’ve had kids before, that’s not to say it’s going to be a breeze this time. You’ve got some learning to do too. For example, if you had a C-section with one of your earlier babies, do you want the same again or do you want to try VBAC? Or if you’re an older Mom when your happy surprise occurs, do you know what you need to be especially aware of?

Furnishing yourself with the answer to this and all of the other questions can make a huge difference to how you feel. Spend a weekend absorbing and learning what needs to be learned, and then just enjoy it. It’s the happiest surprise there is, so enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to motherhood!

Balikbayan Boxes And Financial Budget

Being a Filipino is not easy. Wherever you are, you are still very attached to your family in Philippines. Sigh! On the other hand, no one to be blamed but me. I liked spoiling them, they're not demanding of what to receive. 

I admired some of my friends that shop at the Dollar store for their Balikbayan goods.There is nothing wrong with it. But me, personally, I am comfortable doing my shopping for my balikbayan contents at the mall, other department stores and other grocery stores.

These time, I am sending two boxes which is 2x the expenses. I am very close of finishing one box and tape it up very soon. The other box is almost full. I think of everybody and buying them something too. Referring to my relatives. I can't afford to have them just watch at my family's balikbayan boxes. It is nice to have their share too. :)

The thing is, buying the boxes alone would already cost me some bucks, add the shipping fee and the money that I put in for buying the goods. I am having headaches with all the expenses... LOL! But as what I had mentioned no one to blame, but me!!!

I loved my family so much.... And that's the reason why I am doing this.. I want them to be happy and experience the products and foods from America! ;P

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Are You Comfortable Enough At Home?

You might be surprised at just how many people are not really comfortable in their own homes. This can happen for a number of reasons. It might be that the coloring of the decor is enough to make them feel unsettled. That might sound extreme, but there is evidence that it is perfectly possible. Or it might be that the temperature is never quite right, in which case comfort might well seem like a distant fantasy. Whatever the cause is, not being able to feel comfortable in your own home is no fun at all. If you are in this situation, and you would like to improve it, then take a look at the following. Here are some essential ways to be more comfortable at home, no matter where you live.

Take A Look At The Colors 
As we have said, the colors of the home can make a huge difference to how relaxed and comfortable you feel there. If you find that you feel frequently stressed for no apparent reason, then it is genuinely worth looking at the colors you have around your home. What are your main dominant colors? If they are reds, oranges or dark yellows, then you might find that switching to something lighter will help. A calming blue or light yellow can often be encouraging towards better comfort, so that is worth considering if you want to be more comfortable at home.

Control The Temperature 
Another quick way to feel unsettled, stressed or angry is for the temperature to be either too high or too low. Too high is usually more likely to cause anger, but too low can also be quite unpleasant. If you want to be more comfortable at home, controlling the temperature as much as possible is probably a good idea. If you click here, you will find examples of heated towel rails -  installing those, and other items like them, can help you in specific parts of the home to be as warm as you like. But you might also decide that you want to have fuller control in the home’s temperature in general. If that is the case, look into what might be the best option for your particular home. Controlling the temperature can make you feel much more relaxed.

Levels Of Space 
How much space there is in the home is another element which can make a huge difference to how comfortable you feel. If you feel cramped, it is likely that you literally are - in which case, successfully de-cluttering might be the best bet. Of course, you might also feel that not having enough in the home could be quite stressful It is all about finding the perfect level for you and whoever else lives with you. As long as everyone is happy with how much space there is, you don’t have to worry about not being able to relax at home. Get this right, and you will be most of the way towards creating a happier home with a more positive atmosphere.