Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Services That Will Make Your Elderly Relatives' Lives Easier


As we age, our bodies don’t let us do as much as they used to. We get slower. We grow tired faster. We can’t do everything that we used to. This becomes even more apparent when we are ill. But many older people don’t want to admit that they need help every now and then. You need to remember that the elderly are not children. They’ve lived full lives. They’ve raised us. Is it really that surprising that sometimes pride can get the better of them and they won’t let us know that they can’t get out of the house sometimes. That they can’t always remember when they need their medication. That they might need help using the bathroom or doing other day to day tasks. It’s not nice having to ask for help with things you are usually able to do yourself. Here are a few services that may help out your elderly relatives, especially in their times of need.

Non-emergency Medical Transportation
Getting to and from doctors or hospital appointments isn’t as easy for everyone. You might be able to jump into your car and jump down. The whole thing is over and done with in half an hour or so. But elderly people often can’t drive. Their eyesight might not be up to it, or they might not have passed their retest. Public transport can prove exhausting and there aren’t always seats available. A good solution for this problem is non-emergency medical transport. These services can pick up your elderly relative, get them to their appointment on time and bring them back home too. This will make sure they don’t miss vital check ups, but don’t have to rely on lifts from friends or family. Find out more on sites such as http://www.mtm-inc.net/healthcare/nemt/.

Home Delivered Meals
Cooking is something we take for granted. However, it’s a feat in itself for some. Getting out to do the grocery shopping and carrying it back can be too much of a strain for the frail and sick. Then cooking in and of itself can prove difficult. To help with this, you can purchase delivered meals for your loved ones. This doesn’t mean an Indian or Chinese every night of the week. There are services out there that will cook up homemade dishes, including dessert, and deliver them hot, directly to your loved one’s door. This will save them a lot of effort and time, whilst ensuring that they are eating properly and healthily.

Cleaning Services
Cleaning can exhaust the strongest of us. Vacuuming, reaching the dark corners with a duster, scrubbing stains out of the carpet and giving the kitchen cupboards an overhaul. This is something that many of the elderly aren’t up to. Hire a professional cleaning service to regularly give your relative or friend’s home a spring clean. There will be fewer germs that could cause infection in weak immune systems. There will also be fewer things lying about on the floor. This means less trip hazards, as trips can prove fatal in the feeble.

Work Dress Code and Proper Management

Proper management is very important at work for all employees to be in one direction. One of the most common struggling problem that needs to be corrected is the "DRESS CODE" we wear navy blue polo shirt men and women and plain. When it comes to the pants, khaki or black pants. 

 have no problem following the dress code, I am fine and I am wearing what I was told during the orientation and shoes, should be close, sneaker type for easy walking and comfort since we are all standing and walking during our shifts.

I noticed some employees are not wearing the dress codes and was not being told about it or worst got fired for not following. I felt bad for some of my friends (co-employee) for being noticed and forced to buy the right top. 

This is not fair as many are not following but only few were chosen to forced to changed or sent home. As I was going to clock out I saw one of my co-worker wearing WHITE pants! And he was not in trouble?! Where's the proper management? While my other co-worker was wearing a black jeans and got noticed. Geez!

If only management will implement a universal rule when it comes to uniforms and be fair to everyone it will be nice and helpful. Plus, it will look more professional to the eyes of the customers.

Monday, October 10, 2016

New Mom? How To Get Back To Your Old Self - In Your Own Time

Pregnancy. The joy of new life, using your body for its primary physical purpose, experiencing motherhood. Then the end result: the child you love, cherish and nurture. It's all so beautiful, frolicking in fields and feeling wonderful.
The reality is... somewhat different.
There's no doubt the above are true; this is a wonderful time, it is an amazing thing to experience. But with a new child on your hip, you can quickly begin to see the other side of pregnancy. This is the one that makes you look into a mirror, wince, and wonder where the old you went.
Well she's still in there! Actress Blake Lively has recently scorned the obsession with post-baby bodies, one of many women speaking out the issue. You don't have to snap back into shape or get your bikini body to ready to go: your body just did something amazing. It's going to need time to recover.
Eventually, you will reach a point where you want to make some changes. So long as it is at your own pace and without the pressure of others, this is harmless. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. The only downside is that you soon learn pregnancy is more than nine months long, at least when it comes to the impact on your body.
Hormonal Changes
The hormonal changes during pregnancy are necessary and allow the whole shebang to happen. However, they stick around for far longer than they are needed. Acne during pregnancy tends to fade after giving birth, but the scars can last until your child graduates college.
Try and get into a routine of gently exfoliating any problem areas. Use a good quality moisturiser, and treat yourself to a regular facial. You may also find your nails are more brittle, so it's worth supplementing biotin if these are issues for you.
Body Shape
One of the biggest areas that pregnancy does a number on is your breasts. If you're breastfeeding, this can continue for years afterwards also. Sagging is one of the most common issues, and unfortunately, there's no quick fix. It is worth considering breast augmentation to give you back your usual pert self, so long as no one else is influencing the decision.
Stretch marks are also an inevitable issue. It's said that prevention is better than cure, but that doesn't mean there's not a few cures available. Topical creams that contain regenerative acids are beneficial, and there are surgical alternatives also.
Hair of the Mom
This is attributable to hormonal fluctuations, but deserves a mention of its own. Post-pregnancy hair can be flat, lifeless and thinning. You may find not only do you have less of it, but the actual thickness of your hair has also changed. You can use essential oils before shampooing to help give some life back, and they have the added bonus of smelling good. Furthermore, organic castor oil has long been associated with promoting strong, thick, healthy hair. It won't break the bank and can make a real difference, as well as give a moisturising boost.

Corn Maze and Apple Picking

Yesterday I was off from work. I was already planning of taking the kids to the Harner's Farm- it was actually our first time to experienced their Corn Maze and the Apple picking. I was not very impressed with the Corn Maze, the fee was super expensive $5.00 for adult and $4.00 for kids. I have a 9 years old and a 4 years old but I paid $4.00 each. Anyway, that was expensive I think.

Next year, we are not going to do the corn maze, we are going to do the apple picking. Back to apple picking, we did picked some apples that we ended to 5 pounds. My girl got a Venus fly trap plants and I got sweet corn which was 6 ears for $4.00- corn was expensive but it was worth the price as it was fresh, sweet and juicy. The apples were good too.

Anyway, I was doing it for the sake of my kids. I want them to have the experienced. They enjoyed the place. So many students and was crowded. :)

The Little Things That Can Significantly Extend The Life Of A Property

We don’t think of our homes themselves having a lifespan, unlike various household features. However, the truth is, like everything else, even properties have lifespans. Admittedly, these tend to be thousands of years, which means it’s unlikely that you’ll be losing your home anytime soon. However, that being said, how long a building stays in good shape for tends to be down to how well cared for it is. So as a homeowner, it’s your job to ensure that your property gets all the care that it needs to stay healthy and in good shape. Here are a few ways you can help to do that.

house door.jpg

Keep an eye out for problems
Far too many homeowners don’t bother to keep an eye on their homes in terms of looking out for any problems. However, if you want to ensure that your property is livable for many years to come, it’s important to keep an eye out for any issues. Things like leaks, areas of damp, patches of mold, and so on, are the types of things that you want to be looking out for. They may not seem like real concerns but believe it or not; they can lead to serious problems for your property. Hence why it’s so important to keep an eye out, to ensure that any problems are quickly and effectively dealt with. If you spot a problem and don’t know how to deal with it, call in an expert immediately. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry.

Take foundation health seriously
Your home’s foundations are of the highest importance in terms of its structure. This is because they’re what keeps your property in place. Although most foundations are coated in concrete to protect them from the elements, that doesn’t mean that issues don’t occur. The most common cause of foundation problems is rain, ice, and snow. Water gets into the tiniest cracks, freezes, and expands them. This can cause large holes or cracks to appear in the property’s foundations, leading to problems, including rising damp. The best way to avoid this problem is to ensure that the guttering that you have in place is working properly. If your guttering is cracked or broken in anyway, it won’t allow water to flow down it and away from your home’s foundation. If this is the case, it might be worth taking a look on sites like http://advancedstl.com/gutters/, to see what your options are.

Be smart about your electrics and plumbing
A lot of homeowners presume that a property’s electronics and plumbing only need checking over should you notice a problem. However, that’s not the case. If you want to ensure that your home is kept healthy for as long as possible, it’s worth having them checked over every couple of years. Especially as faulty electrics or damaged plumbing can wreak havoc on your home, and could even destroy it. So it pays to be cautious. To learn more about this, visit sites like http://robinsonplumbing.com/.

There you have it, the little things that you need to do to help to keep your home healthy and extend its lifespan.