Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Good, The Bad and The Decor Debate: When You and Your Partner Disagree On Home Style

When you marry someone, you accept them as they are. Over time, you begin to join together - the "me" of old becomes "we". You think as one unit, blissfully happy with the person you chose and the life that you can live together.

Until you disagree on something to do with your home.

Then that wonderful, blessed person you were thanking the world for becomes The Enemy. It happens to every couple, no matter how harmonious. As you grew up in different ways, with different experiences and ideas of what a home "should" be, the clash is perhaps inevitable.

Maybe you lucked out, and you and your partner never disagree on home and decor choices. Perhaps one of you just doesn't care and is happy to give the other free rein. If this applies to you, then enjoy your blissful freedom of home expression - but for the vast majority of us, there will be something along the way that causes a flare.

Going through such a scenario right now and in need of some assistance? There are good and bad ways to deal with this difference of opinion. To avoid the pitfalls and capitalize on the things that work, here are a few ideas.

BAD WAY: Arguing relentlessly.

He wants to have an open-plan living space.

You prefer rooms to have individual divides.

So you argue - and it doesn't stop. You bicker, moan at one another. Occasionally, you might sit down and try and convince him of the individual divides idea. However, it's not going to work, as, by that stage, you're both so entrenched in your position.

You both have to be willing to compromise. In this example, you could try open-plan but with dividers possible using movable room separators. You still get your privacy; he can open it up when he wants to.

GOOD WAY: Acknowledge the merits in the other's argument.
Even if you disagree, there is no reason to think that the other person is 100% wrong. Becoming entrenched in your position tends to mean you can use wide brush strokes to condemn their every point. This is an easy trap to fall into, and it's harmful because they may be onto something.

Take an example about furniture size. He wants to have big furniture; he's larger than you, takes up more space, and wants to feel comfortable. You, however, are cautious about the size of the space you have available. You worry large furniture is going to dominate it.

Nevertheless, there is a chance he's onto something. The key to compromise here is to take his philosophy - everything should be big! - and meld it with yours. You could, for example, sacrifice over a room to the larger furniture idea. He can choose the furniture in the bedroom; you end the argument and get to enjoy the benefits of king-size mattresses and huge pillows. Who's going to argue with that?

BAD WAY: Compromise, but be bitter about it.
Say you go with the above plans. You've enjoyed the merits of the bigger bed, or you have your room separators. Then, every time you go to get into the bed or put up a separator, you make a quip about how inconvenient it is. A little dig; nothing serious, you think, just an off the cuff comment.

This happens both ways; he might be guilty of moaning about the smaller furniture in the living room, despite his huge bed. It's the kind of underhanded problem that can bother the other person and potentially cause serious marital damage.

If you come to a decision and reach a compromise, then stick to it. Get this in writing if you have to: both of you signing to show you accept the decision that has been made. It's worth putting a penalty clause in as well, just to stop the creeping discontent from bubbling over. A week's worth of laundry chores is always a good place to start.

GOOD WAY: Divide rooms.
If the above compromise strategy is not going to work, then it might be time to divide the rooms. He gets to choose the furniture and decor for the living room and bedroom. Meanwhile, the bathroom and kitchen are your domain. While you may dislike some of his choices, at least you get everything you want with yours. If you really can't agree, sometimes this is the best way of feeling comfortable. It may end up with a hotch-potch of home styles, but it's better than ceaseless arguments.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

I LOVE SHOPPING!!!! :) I'm just liked other typical woman who loved to shop from one store to another store. I can spend my day shopping with a big SMILE on my face! :) But, I am also not that crazy to shop during Black Friday and Cyber Monday- no way that I would go to the store, wait and get in the crowd.

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I was home and didn't bothered to do any shopping both online and to the physical stores. It is the time of the year where scammers, hackers are busy waiting for their preys online.

On the other hand, I need to focus on saving money for our upcoming trip abroad. :) Therefore, spending too much is not an option this time. But, regardless of the upcoming trip I won't shop during those events online or in stores. I don't liked crowd where people are fighting for the few items. 

Anyway, I'm sure many got the good deals and savings! :)

Monday, November 14, 2016

Canada Is Suddenly A Popular Destination: Are You In?

With recent events on the global stage, many people are looking to Canada as a destination. So it’s worth asking the question; what does this country have to offer, despite its enormous size?

Here, we’re going to investigate some of the unusual places to visit in Canada.

The Canadian Rockies

Many people think that the Rockies are a range of mountains that occupy the Western US - and they are. But they also extend much further north, right up through Canada. The Rockies have been variously described as some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Here you’ll see incredible scenery. This includes some of Canada’s highest mountains and most secluded lakes. The Canadians Rockies are so vast you could literally spend years here and not explore everything the area has to offer. There are opportunities to do trail walking, biking, and camping. The Canadian Rockies also play host to a range of ski resorts, like Banff. If you want to go to Canada for more than a couple of weeks, this website provides more information.


Whistler is one of Canada’s largest and most popular ski resorts. Here you’ll find incredible powder during the winter months, and many ski activities. Back in 2010, Whistler hosted the winter Olympics. It has more than 1,610 meters of vertical and over 8,000 acres of piste. The best of the skiing seasons lasts from November to May. The mountains host a large amount of snow that needs to be "pashed down" every morning.

The Yukon

The Yukon is perhaps the most desolate place, outside of Australia’s Northern Territory, in the Western world. Tucked away in northwest Canada, this area is home to silent peaks and beautiful wildlife. Yukon is actually home to the highest mountains in the whole of Canada, including Mount Logan at 5,959m. Because the area is so remote and so harsh, it has remained pristine, even in the 21st century. There are plenty of opportunities for adventure here. You can meet the grizzly bears of the Yukon, and travel the area by horseback. There’s also paddle lakes, trails, biking centers, snowboards, and dog sledding.

Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia, also known as New Scotland, bears a striking resemblance to its namesake. It’s a mountainous, craggy place, brimming with maritime tradition. The climate here is relatively moderate, and there’s plenty of nautical heritage on display.

At the center of the area stands the city of Halifax. The city played a vital role in the mission to rescue the passengers on the Titanic when it sank more than 100 years ago. Halifax was also the destination of the Britannia way back in 1840, after its record-breaking 12 day trip across the Atlantic.


Quebec is Canada’s only French-speaking region and the largest province in Canada. There’s actually a lot of history here, thanks to Quebec being one of the oldest places in the whole of North America. Here you’ll find the world famous Chateau Frontenac, a 19th-century hotel that takes up much of the city’s skyline. There are also local moose and ski resorts.

Christmas Gift Ideas

We can't deny the fact that December is approaching so fast. As I am typing here, I can't believed that we will be halfway of the month tomorrow. Time really fly so fast without being notice intensely. I don't pay that much attention anymore on dates. I just work and pay attention to the time I will be done. LOL!

Anyway, as I was having my break few days ago, there were coupons and magazines on the tables. I was checking out those magazines and noticed this FIVE BELOW. We are aware of where the location is, saw the store before but never expect that the title of the store was referring to its prices. It seems liked it was referring to the degrees, temperature. :)

Anyway, I was off yesterday so I decided to take my family into shopping spree!!!! ;) Yes, shopping from one store to another store. Of course, my kids won't leave the store without their store "TOYS" they grabbed toys in every store we visits. My card was screaming.. LOL!

So, one of the stores was the five below. It was nice, so many games and stuffs to choose from. My husband was thinking of going back there to buy some great finds. Also, it is a nice and perfect place to buy gifts if you are on a budget. My kids unfortunately, they have their wants that are not available in the five below store. Just liked my girl, she wants the new Pokemon games, mine crafts and etc. :(

My boy wants dinosaurs that do this and do that... :(

Keeping Your Kid Safe In The Car: Everything Moms Need To Know

A lot of people forget how dangerous cars actually are. After all, we drive in them every day, so it becomes routine. But thousands of car accidents happen every day, with over a million people dying annually in the USA. Therefore, you need to stay safe while out in the car with your family. After all, you don’t want to look back with regret after making a mistake in your vehicle which jeopardized your kid’s life. Therefore, here is everything moms need to know to keep their child safe in the car.

Image result for family in car

Check the vehicle before you set off
Before you go anywhere, you need to make sure you check the car. A lot of us don’t check it until it's time for it to go for its yearly service. But before you head out on any long journey, it’s a must to do some necessary checks. For one thing, you need to check the tyres are in good shape. You don’t want to have to change the tyre while on the road. Also, you need to make sure your brakes are in good condition and don’t need to be replaced. And as we said previously, if you see any warning signs on your dash, talk to your local garage before taking out the vehicle.

Don’t get distracted while driving
It’s so easy to get distracted while you are driving with kids in the back of the car. After all, they will start complaining when they get bored during the journey. Therefore, to ensure they stay busy during the drive, make sure you take some toys and snacks in the car. And electronic gadgets come in useful to entertain the kids while you are driving. You can check out this article for some other ways to keep your child busy. That way, you can watch the road and keep your family safe.

Double check their seatbelt
Little ones don’t often understand the importance of keeping their seatbelt on. But for the sake of their health, you need to check they have it on safely. And tell them clearly that they should not undo it while you are driving. If the warning light for seat belts starts flashing on your car, make sure you pull over. You never know when a driver behind you could end up going into the back of your vehicle. And if your child hasn’t got their seatbelt on, they could end up getting injured. And it could end up jeopardizing your chances of making a claim through solicitors such as ASB Aspire Solicitors. Therefore, always make sure your kid has their seatbelt on before leaving the drive.

Always keep the doors locked in the back
A lot of kids think it’s funny to play with the doors in the car. But they could potentially injure themselves if they do manage to open the car while your vehicle is on the move. Therefore, it’s so important to make sure the doors are locked in the back of the car. That way, you can ensure your kids stay safe while you are driving the vehicle!

And don’t go too fast on the road. For one thing, you don’t want to get into trouble with the law. But also, you don’t want to potentially get in an accident with your child in the back!