Monday, June 27, 2016

Reasons To Stay In Greece Forever

It’s no secret that I love Greece. And I know from your comments that I’m not alone. There is plenty to love about Greece, and there are many people who travel to this incredible country every year. But there always seems to be a reason to go home again. Work, family, and other commitments keep us from enjoying all that Greece has to offer year round. So maybe we just need a few more reasons to stay, right?

Nobody could argue with the fact the weather is pretty good in Greece. It’s warm, but the coastal breezes make it refreshing enough to be a comfortable heat. You’re not likely to have your summer holiday spoiled by any prolonged rain showers. And the pains in the joints you get when it’s cold could be eliminated by spending your winters in Greece. There is no pollution affecting your chest like it does in the cities where you work. And life in the great outdoors can be just the thing to get your body back into great shape.

Nobody could argue with the fact that Greece is rich in history and culture too! If you’re a fan of the ancient, and keen to find the origins of many of today’s great tales, Greece is the place to start your search. It’s not a huge country so you can easily access all that this fine region has to offer. You might start in Amanzoe Greece and then make your way around the coast. This could lead you to some wonderful ruins, historical markets, and some of the most incredible museums in the world.

Mediterranean food is healthy, delicious, and accompanies the area’s incredible wines! Everything you need for a well-rounded and thoroughly enjoyable diet can be sourced locally. Of course, there are many native dishes that Greece is world-renowned for too. Slow cooking is a speciality here. And it means meat dishes are soft, tasty, and incredibly satisfying in the evening.

Most of us love to spend an afternoon or two on the beach. But in Greece, it’s possible to live near the beach in a beautiful apartment or luxury villa. Step outside onto the sand, or enjoy just watching the waves lap at the beach. The sounds, sights, and smells of Greek beaches are relaxing, refreshing, and romantic. Always best shared, but the source of isolated inspiration too. Who wouldn’t want to feel that soft sand between their toes every Monday morning?

For any water enthusiast, Greece doesn’t disappoint. Ideally situated in a bay position, much of the country is sheltered. Yet the waters are challenging enough to enjoy water sports, sailing, and swimming. It’s a great place to live if you own a yacht. There are easy routes to other Mediterranean countries, and you can even enjoy places like Cyprus and Turkey in a day.

The cost of living isn’t too high in Greece. And remote working makes it possible to enjoy life here wherever you may be based. Love Greece as a holiday destination, but stay for the life you could lead here.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


My mom is not perfect. She had her flaws but she is only human. And, I had forgiven her for what she had done in the past. It was not major, she favored my younger siblings because she said " I can handle myself and I am responsible!" I misunderstood it growing up. But now, I am who I am because of her. I am stronger, more responsible and most of living a good life with my two beautiful and precious kids.

I support my mom financially. I want her to stay healthy and enjoy life. It so sad to see other kids who hold grudges against their parents. No matter what will happen, our mom, our dad will be forever our parents. And, we have to learn and practice forgiveness.

Top Ways To Protect Your Liver!

Keeping our liver in a good condition is essential to ensure we stay healthy. The liver is vital for filtering the blood before it goes around the rest of the body. It helps protect us from blood clots. The liver contributes to digest and process food, along with the gall bladder and the kidney. Here are the top ways to protect your liver.

Don’t drink too much alcohol
It can be easy to get into a habit where you end up drinking a glass of alcohol every day. A glass of red wine might be okay. But when it becomes a couple of drinks, it can start to become a problem. The more you drink, the more likely you will be getting to the point where you are starting to damage your liver. By driving heavily, you could end up with liver poisoning and may even end up having to end up getting a liver transplant. As it says here, you should try and have at least a couple of days a week drink free. By having days without alcohol, it can mean your liver has time to recover before you start drinking again. If you feel like you can’t go without drinking during the day, you might be showing signs of becoming an alcoholic. You should see your doctor and tell them about your dependence on alcohol. They will be able to support you through your recovery, and advise you on support groups or clinics you can attend.

Don’t consume too many tablets
If you consume too many tablets, you could cause irreversible damage to your liver. Try and avoid having one every time you have a headache as your liver can start to find it harder to digest them. Your body can begin to reject the tablets, and you will find they stop working. If you feel like you are becoming addicted to taking the pills, you should speak to a doctor about how you are feeling.

Take vitamins and oils
If you want to protect your liver, you should consider taking some nutrients as the liver needs a lot of energy to work properly. You should also consider taking some vitamin A and B to help your liver work properly. You may want to take some reishi spore oil which is a supplement form of reishi mushroom and can help protect your liver.

Drink plenty of water
Another way to protect your liver is to ensure you are drinking plenty of water during the day. You might prefer to drink juice or tea, but it’s so important to try and drink at least two litres of water a day. Get into a routine where you have a glass at the start of the day, so that you remember to drink the fluid.

Eat healthier
Eating unhealthy foods can also be damaging to your liver. So to ensure that it’s healthy, you need to try and stick to a good diet. As it says here, you could end up suffering from fatty liver disease if you eat an unhealthy diet.

Eating salad

Remember to protect your liver as it can cause you major health problems if you don’t look
after it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Employees Work Performance Evaluation

Employees Work Performance Evaluation: With the new system at work, things really are changing. It used to be every employee's anniversary  where her/his evaluation are done and for a RAISE as well!

This year, we all have our performance evaluation, no pay raise and raise will happen at the same month and date. Everybody will get a raise every year started next year.

I had my evaluation sometime last week and it was very good! My manager was very pleased to my performance and very proud of how I served the customers. In fact, our score for customer service was back to where it was before. It was down because of the irresponsible and very inconsiderate co-employee! 

On the other hand, I am one of the lucky employees that got a very good and very positive evaluation... There are some that were given bad ratings or evaluation.

I am just doing my job and following rules!!! :)

How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Heavenly Haven

If you’re decorating a new house or trying your hand at DIY, a new bedroom may be on your list. Your sleeping environment can have a major bearing on the quality of your sleep. Here are some handy hints to help you create a heavenly haven to retreat to at the end of a busy day.

Light and noise
Are you regularly awoken by flashing lights or noise outside? Do you long for peace and quiet when you crawl into bed each night? If streetlights or car alarms keep you awake at night, there are some simple solutions. Invest in some blackout blinds or heavy curtains. Keep gadgets out of the bedroom and use earplugs. Never leave televisions on standby and turn your phone on to silent.

Color is an important consideration in your bedroom. Ideally, you want your room to be a cozy retreat, which makes you feel calm and relaxed. Try and avoid clashing prints or bright colors. Go for subtle shades, which create a romantic atmosphere. If you’re not sold on cream or beige, why not opt for duck egg blue or lilac? It’s best to keep walls plain and inject some color with cushions, throws, and lampshades.

Your bed
Your bed is the most important feature when it comes to ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep. If you have an old mattress, or you struggle to get comfortable, it may be time to consider investing in a new one. Have a look around some showrooms and visit sites like Once you’ve got your mattress, make your bed look even more appealing with soft furnishings and sumptuous bed linen.

Once you’ve got all the main details sorted in your new bedroom, it’s time to focus on the finishing touches. Ambient lighting, candles, and a high-pile rug can help to create a stunning sanctuary. Choose dimmer lights or lamps to provide soft lighting and use a diffuser to make your room smell fragrant. Scatter cushions on your bed and add a chaise longue for a vintage look. Decorate the walls with mirrors or framed photographs. For bedroom design ideas, take a look at

Stifling heat can make it difficult to get to sleep. Ensure that your room is nice and cool before you head up to bed. Open the windows and use a fan to circulate the air in the summer months. If you live in a hot country, you may wish to consider installing an air conditioning unit in your bedroom. In the warmer months, switch winter weight duvets for lightweight alternatives.

They say a tidy house makes for a tidy mind. Clutter can make you feel stressed out, and this is the last thing you want at bedtime. Look out for crafty storage solutions, such as pull-out shoe racks and drawers under the bed.

A good night’s sleep can make a world of difference when it comes to your mood and energy levels. If you struggle to sleep, your bedroom could be the reason. Follow these simple tips to create a tranquil bedroom, which makes you feel relaxed. Hopefully, you’ll be sleeping soundly in no time.